Local pastor offers New Year’s challenge

As this New Year begins, we will hear of many that are making resolutions, new positive changes in their lifestyle. Now, do not get me wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting healthier, or losing weight, or trying to stop smoking, or to save money, or spending more time with family and friends, or any other thing that may be important to you at the beginning of this New Year.

But, I am not writing my letter to necessarily talk about any of those things. We live in a fast-paced society that has, quite honestly, become a very selfish one, in my opinion. It is not a secret or a surprise that we move a lot faster these days: that we do not have near the amount of time for our families, our friends, ourselves and certainly not a stranger.

The thing that I really want to accomplish in my article is to offer you, my friend and neighbor, a glimmer of hope as you begin this New Year. I want to offer a challenge to anyone reading this article.

Beginning immediately, find a church, preferably one that teaches from the Holy Bible, the Word of God, that doesn’t change His Word but teaches and preaches exactly what He, God, Jesus intended to be taught from His Word, His Manual, His B-I-B-L-E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

It could be said that this might be a little biased, and it is, but we at Ambassador Baptist Church would love for you to come meet and fellowship with our congregation, but we know there are other congregations in this community that meet the standards mentioned above.

Now, once you find that church, I am challenging you to be a faithful participant for two months!

After that two months is up, if you are not changed for the better then I would like you to call me, text me, email me, send me a letter, come see me personally, or whatever else you might deem fitting. At that time I will tell you “I am sorry” that I wasted two months of your life and I will buy you lunch, at a fairly inexpensive eatery, since I am a poor preacher, LOL.

On the other hand, I would also like to hear from you if you take this challenge and it is a positive change in your life, as I am sure it will be.

It would be great to hear what great things have occurred in your life during this challenge.

I realize that all those who will read this letter will fall into a few different categories. The first: one that has never cared much for Jesus, or church or anything to do with Spiritual matters. To you, I just ask, please take my challenge and see if it will not make your life better. What do you have to lose? A little time? What do you have to gain? A free lunch.

The second: one that maybe was made to go to church all their childhood and vowed to never go once you had the choice. To you, I just ask, please take the challenge because that person whom made you go all those years did so because they loved and cared about you and you need another opportunity to try it on your terms.

The third: one that once served faithfully or at least attended faithfully but due to someone hurting your feelings or offending you or some other excuse that Satan has and is using to keep you from knowing True Joy. To you, I just ask, remember that True Joy? Well, come back into His sweet arms and get to know that Sweet Joy again.

To the others that maybe didn’t fall into one of the other categories., to you, I just ask, give my challenge, actually the challenge from Jesus, a try. He desperately wants a relationship with you.

Pastor Michael P. House