Insurance changes offer few choices

Around 1990, I took out personal insurance, which included the coverage for a pre-existing condition. This was possible thanks to the first President Bush and Congress. My payment was $158 a month with a deductible of $2,000.

In 1995, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doing a lot of studying and searching to see what my options were (and much prayer), I discovered one of the top surgeons in the country in Pittsburgh, who specialized in this type of tumor and it’s removal! I checked with my insurance to be sure all was OK and they said fine.

The tumor was removed and with 8 MRIs in seven years, I am clean! It took me 10 and a half years to pay off the check-ups as they all fell under the $2,000 deductible.

OK, here it goes. My concern with Obamacare is I was promised a choice in the selection of insurance companies within West Virginia. I understand there is only one choice, Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Mr. Obama promised a choice. That was broken.

The State Legislature of West Virginia and governor assisted in this process by not checking into how many insurance companies would participate before they gave Mr. Obama the A-OK.

I contacted Sen. Joe Manchin’s office personally and they told me that they were working on it. Nobody worked on it.

Should I need another specialist, will I be guaranteed that I can select that doctor(s)?

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, who is retiring, has had a bout with two different types of cancer. Under Obamacare, his specialist was yanked because he wasn’t covered under the plan. He signed up with Obamacare. Will your plan promise you the doctor or specialist of your choice?

I fear for those being treated for long-term diseases. And for most of us who can only afford the Bronze plan, the deductible is $5,000! It took me 10 and a half years to pay off the deductible of $2,000 (plus other hospital costs). How much longer will it take anybody to pay off a yearly deductible of $5,000 plus other costs?

This year, please vote with your head and not your heart. It might cost you or someone you love their life. Think I’m exaggerating? I had a choice in my situation. Will you?