Reader ‘appalled’ by Barnes’ idea

I have never been more appalled than when I read the article in the newspaper about Sen. Clark Barnes. I just could not believe that he would make the suggestion to our Charleston legislators that we grow marijuana in our state and export it to the states that have legalized marijuana.

I am very disappointed in Sen. Barnes. What was he thinking?

The whole marijuana issue is only about money. Do we not already have enough crime, murder, rape, abuse, accidents and suicides throughout our country? These are all results from drug use. Marijuana is a gateway drug and will only lead to harder drug use.

If we, as a state, grow it, sell it and legalize it, what kind of an example are we setting before our youth and adults as well? Why would we need police officers to continue investigating drug crimes? Surely the health and welfare of the citizens of West Virginia is much more important than money!

Please West Virginians, never let this happen in our great state.

Jo Adamy