Reader offended by new praise for Putin

Did I really hear all these traitorous, anti-American, conservative Republicans praising a brutal, oppressive, communist dictator who not only fixed his last election and disallowed any opposition to run against him, but also changed the Russian constitution to allow himself to be president for life?

For shame, John McCain. For shame, Lindsey Graham. This must be a topsy-turvy world because all the things these fools have accused Obama of doing or being over the last five years, Putin actually is all those things and more, and these chumps are totally in love with the guy. Remember this is a guy that even his own “friend” Angela Merkel of Germany has said “is out of touch with reality.”

Well I guess that fits because much of the Republican party seems to be in the same boat as Putin, out of touch with reality, like their refusal to believe all the scientific facts of global climate change, their refusal to see that they are destroying their own chances of ever winning another national election by their assault on women, Latinos and African-Americans, and their refusal to even entertain immigration reform, and worst of all their praise of the communist leader of our sworn cold-war enemy and suspected psychopath Vladimir Putin, who is so paranoid and out of it that he thinks every bad thing that happens to him or his Russian comrades is directly attributed to the CIA’s intervention.

What the heck is going on in this country? Can anyone please explain the actions of these right-wing lunatics to me?