Country is facing many challenges

This letter is in response to two articles in a recent issue of The Inter-Mountain newspaper.

One article was about a Meet the Candidates forum in Barbour County, and the other was about Buckhannon City Council discussing who should be responsible for the clean-up of meth-contaminated properties.

First, I do agree with Barbour County Commission candidate Judy Gain that our government should belong to we the people, and should be a people’s government. As for the meth problem and property clean-up, I think if this is going to happen, law enforcement are going to have to do their jobs and to be responsible for trespassers which come onto our properties uninvited and contaminate them.

With the meth and drug problem comes the issue of pill mills and prescriptions drugs, and physicians and drug companies being responsible for the parts that they play in this very serious problem. I am sure most of our doctors and physicians are very responsible individuals as well as being competent professionals. But we are all going to have to do our parts if we are going to clean up this very serious problem.

As a responsible American citizen with such rights as freedom of speech, I do like to exercise my rights as a free and private American. I read many news publications, and I do see our news publications as being the voice of the people.

We have freedom of religion and separation of church and state. What is Christianity or our religion if we do not even recognize God himself? Are we one nation under one God? As in “in God we trust”? What is America or religion if we recognize everyone’s rights to stand against them both? These questions I ask.

What have we replaced God’s 10 Commandments with? Is it now just how you see it and it’s everybody’s equal right to see it however you see it?