Mothers value loving memories

Mother’s Day: as we know, is in May. But as I reflect on the wondrous years I’ve been a mother, I find myself asking, “What is the significance of this event, what does it mean to me?”

Sure, I enjoy the flowers or gifts my children give to me or the breakfast my young daughter makes for me, but what is it that truly brings me joy?

I look back and ponder all the times my children have made me happy. As I do this I have found that Mother’s Day isn’t just a specific day in May but that it began the day I first found out that I was pregnant, it was the day I felt that first flutter in my tummy, it was that first cry when I gave birth.

I have found that I am encumbered by the number of images that come to mind when I think of my three children and the happiness and joy they’ve brought to me.

I can remember those first smiles, their first steps, and their first day of school.

I can see images of their first tears, the times I made them giggle, and the way they teetered trying to find their footing. These are the things I remember and want to recall each and every day of my life. These are the images I long to recall and never want to forget.

Every Mother’s Day I will spend the day counting all my blessings. I will find blessings in having healthy children, I will see that I am blessed with their successes, I will find I am blessed with their strong characters; each unique yet truly befitting. But most of all I will know that I have been truly blessed with the gift of being a mother.

I hope you can realize that it is not the superficial gifts we mothers seek but instead it is the gift of time, the gift of memories and the gift of love. Please take the time to visit your mother and give her the real memories she seeks.

For my children, Ashlyn, Chad and Kodi my true gifts.

Tracy Harlan