Reader unhappy with coverage

For decades advertisers have hawked their wares with the sultry voices, coy smiles and glistening eyes of their male, as well as female, actors. Products are vehicles of seduction. Tabloids proclaim the fertility of aliens and Elvis to distract us from the cost of our milk and beef, and we see no harm in fueling the sensationalism craze with our spare change.

So in these times of plunging subscription numbers for daily newspapers, who can blame the leadership of The Inter-Mountain for its lurid headlines, graphic details and daily redundancies? Journalistic integrity must often be sacrificed for profit.

As an added benefit, all the local children who receive newspapers in their schools are obtaining reading motivation and sex education. Hopefully, The Inter-Mountain will include safe sex information in future coverage in addition to their current reporting of methodology of sex we’ve come to expect.

Marty Brewster