Resident tired of mapping delays

Thank you for allowing the public a chance to voice their thoughts. I live in a rural community. We have been more then patient waiting for the mapping and our physical addresses to be turned into the postal department.

Do you not realize or care what a hassle we have getting basic needs meet because you will not finish a job that’s been going on for years?

When we have a package from Federal Express or UPS we have to go and meet them because their GPS cannot find us. Many residents receive medical supplies through these companies.

We are being told we need your physical address, go renew your driver’s license. See how you like standing there looking stupid and explaining.

Whoever is running this mess is not stepping up to the plate to help us.

I feel that the county commissioners who want our vote should be brought into the communities to explain to people why this issue has been shoved aside.

I will bet if you missed paying your taxes your name would be in the paper. All I want is to get a physical address.

In good conscience I cannot vote for nor support the Randolph County Commissioners. That is such a pity.

Paula Hedrick