America’s greatest problem is apathy

To my fellow citizens of West Virginia: I was born in 1930, grew up in the “Great Depression” and World War II, served during the Korean War and have sadly watched this nation deteriorate since.

During the German occupation of Europe the Nazi police demanded ID papers for proof of identity and for travel to specific locations (we knew this could never happen in America).

I recently purchased a bottle of wine at a local drug store and was required to have my driver’s license scanned as part of the transaction (I am 83 years old!). The clerk informed me that she could lose her job and be incarcerated if she did not comply. She informed me that this was required by a new state and federal law to be enforced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This is the same corrupt agency that violated the Constitution at Waco, Texas, Ruby Ridge, and most recently, the infamous “Fast and Furious” operation that cost at lease one border guard his life. Oddly, this is the same administration that refuses to require photo ID to vote.

How much longer before we must “present paper” to cross state lines, etc., as in the days of European totalitarian control? After we become “we the sheeple?” Wake up America!

It is a disgrace that only 25 percent of voters participated in the recent West Virginia elections, and a mere 40 percent turnout is celebrated in major elections.

A message on a church sign describes the disaster perfectly: “America’s greatest problem is apathy… but who cares?”

Anyone who still loves freedom needs to care and become an informed voter. If not, we will all become subjects. Restore the Constitution! Vote for real representation in November!

Robert Uhler