Hypocrisy rampant in political reaction

Does anyone on the right remember Oliver North? Good ol’ Ollie, sold weapons to the Iranians, a terrorist nation, in order to get American hostages released. Oh, and by the way, he then took the illegally gotten money from the weapons sales and funded a little guerrilla war in Nicaragua in direct violation of the law, which nearly brought down the Reagan administration. Reagan had to then go on TV and apologize for lying to Congress and the American people. Did the right call Ollie the law breaking traitor he was? Did they call for his head for going around Congress in both instances? No, they called him a patriot! Please! He is now a talking head on Fox News of all places, and is commenting on the release of the only American POW from the Afghan war.

I am truly mystified by the utter hypocrisy of the right wing in this country, They seem to be flirting with pure evil, when you have members of Congress tweeting their thoughts and prayers to this American soldier and his family on one day, and then deleting those tweets the very next day once they watched the character assassination on Fox News.

Are they deleting their prayers for the family of a soldier held captive for five years? What ever happened to due process? Doesn’t he get his day in court? As an American citizen, Bowe Bergdahl is guaranteed by the Constitution the right to due process under the law. You know, the Constitution that the Republicans claim to love so much but have only a selective memory of what it says and only tout it when it suits their agenda? He is also guaranteed the same rights under the military code of conduct as an active duty soldier. If this young man did desert his post, you must first bring him home and then the military court can adjudicate his guilt or innocence, but not on Fox News, and to suggest that he should have been left behind is simply idiotic. And can you imagine the outrage from the right if it was later found that Obama had an offer to get him back on the table and didn’t take it? And what if he had died in captivity? OMG! What would the right have done then?

I guess this story just points out what I have been saying all along, it doesn’t matter what Obama does, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The right has no integrity at all, they will say and do anything to try and hurt this duly elected president.

Take John McCain, for example. He was a prisoner of war, yet he is against the deal made for Bergdahl’s release, despite the fact that he told Anderson Cooper he would support just such an exchange in February and despite that they are Taliban and not Al Queda, and despite the fact that George W. Bush released over 500 terrorists from Gitmo compared to Obama’s 30-some. But what do you expect, this is the man who said Obama should throw Putin out of the G8, and when Obama did just that, McCain said it was a terrible idea. Ha ha ha, Obama beat McCain’s butt in the 2008 election. And who rattled Dick Cheney’s cage? that man has zero credibility, he is a coward and a criminal, having received no less than five deferments in his draft-dodging days and lied us into a war for oil in Iraq.

He couldn’t carry Bowe’s lunchbox.

James Gilbert