Court decision will affect all our lives

Why are people celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision Burwell v. Hobby Lobby as some great affirmation of religious freedom or rights? Do people not realize just what it really means to them personally?

I mean, if you listen to those on the right, like on Fox News, you would think that the SCOTUS decision was a victory for all religious Americans and a defeat for secularism, but that is far from the truth.

Actually, the decision does absolutely nothing for the average American. It gives them no more rights than they had the day before.

The narrowly tailored decision gives “closely held” corporations the same rights as an individual person as it relates to religious beliefs, much the same way the Citizens United decision gave corporations the same rights as an individual person as it relates to political campaign contributions.

According to the available data, closely held corporations are owned by the top 2 percent of the population, as 98 percent of us do not own corporations of 100 or more employees.

What it does do is grant the top 2 percent the right to make financial, family planning, and medical decisions for their female employees, no matter what those employees want or believe is best for them.

Even more disturbing, it is the female employees’ rights that are being taken away from them.

I still can’t believe that we as a people are standing by as all of our rights are given away to the rich.

We are on our way to becoming a true oligarchy, where the entire government is owned by the wealthy and the rest of us have no individual rights and are little more than slave labor for their benefit.

The Congress is made up of rich folk. You can’t get elected unless you are one of them, and they craft all legislation in favor of the rich in order to promote their own self-interests.

They are well paid (currently $175,000 a year plus) because they vote for their own salary and pay raises. they work less than half the year at their jobs because they make their own schedules, and yet they are doing absolutely nothing for us or our many problems as a country, and everything they are doing gives them more rights and more control and erodes the average American’s rights and control of their own destiny.

It is amazing to me that the Republican Party has consistently gotten otherwise well-meaning people to vote for them and vote against their own self-interests in doing so.

Once again we are giving our freedoms away to the top 2 percent and praying that they will keep our best interests at heart, and once again we are being sadly disappointed when all they seem to be doing is looking out for themselves and their own bottom line.