High court’s ruling a positive indicator

Another intriguing letter has appeared in your weekly letters to the editor page from Mr. James Gilbert (July 12). His latest entry is an attempt to associate the favorable Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court with a mass loss of freedom. He says people are celebrating like it was some great affirmation of religious freedom or rights.

That’s part of it, but the big picture is that we (and Fox News) are elated to see that SCOTUS is finally beginning to see that there’s something wrong with some of the mandates, after Justice Roberts gave the deciding vote in 2013 that firmly planted Obamacare into our lives. Many who know him have said he only did it to establish a legacy.

A Google search will show that there have been 27 major changes by the president or his friends in Congress, many of them to avoid lawsuits or major delays of the implementation of the law. Probably my favorite, and I’m not Catholic, is the resistance from the Catholic Church. Even Nancy Pelosi has abandoned her Catholic upbringing and sided with the president. It hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Sad.

Toward the end of his letter Mr. Gilbert says it’s amazing the the Republican Party has gotten so many people to vote for them. Something much more amazing is that Obama duped America a second time and got re-elected. Neither of the wins were a landslide (in the popular vote) and the 2012 margin was about one half of the 2008 tally, but it was enough. The electoral college totals were misleading, but that’s what my Democrat friends like to quote.