Lack of leadership in the White House

The lack of leadership in Washington these days is appalling. From the president on down to every senator and congressman no one has any backbone to take the incentive to step forward and lead.

There are no good actions that are going to come from stalling and using idle threats. This is what got us to where we are in the world today. From drawing lines in the sand and not backing it up, to issuing idle threats with no teeth in it to back it up, our president has done nothing to show the rest of the world we are still the world power they had to worry about.

Our country, whether you believe it or not, has become a “second class country,” with the current cuts to our military and reduction in the number of ships, planes and the rest of the support vehicles needed for the military. Add to this the pink slips that have been handed out to our Command and Control in the field and you have simply demoralized the morale of these offices. The Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs have managed to take these men and women’s heads out of the game and could end up getting more of them killed.

The question we need to be asking ourselves is where has the leadership gone? In this administration there never was any.

This country was built on our leadership that came from Washington, in the ways of laws that supported the building of our country. Once that was accomplished, Washington moved on to improving our way of getting around. The Interstate Highway System was born. But since that time there have been no real big projects like the ones that built our country. These projects put people and suppliers to work and the people had jobs.

Since our current president has taken office, there has been a steady reduction in the work force and jobs have been cut to the bone. Employers are being forced to take away health insurance and turn employees over to Obamacare that costs twice as much as you were paying for the same coverage.

Now with the Employer Mandate kicking in this fall that only means more jobs will be lost and businesses will be closing because they cannot afford to pay for this mandate. The crushing of the small business owner seems to have been the plan of the president all along. Remember, if you own that small business you didn’t build it. Well, if you didn’t build it, who did? The small businessmen and women have been the backbone of this country for years. So when it comes time to cast your vote this year, vote for someone that might get the job done.

Michael McRae