We must start doing something

I recently read a letter to the editor about one veteran and his plight with his benefits. As I was reading, I became angry, and I would hope that you do as well.

We, as American people and, particularly as Christian people, had better quit sitting back and saying or doing nothing, because our country and our society is going to heck in a hand basket. You know, it astounds me that our vets are getting their benefits/services cut, but you look at our population in general and see families who are generational welfare people that I and you as taxpayers support. You can see, at every level, the waste and sometimes abuse of our tax money. Many of these people can work, they just choose not to. Please don’t misunderstand the point I am trying to make. I do think we as a country should help out people who genuinely need a helping hand. But, we can dole out money for people on welfare to have large families, make sure their needs are met and then we are cutting out our veterans. benefits. Come on, really? We are taking away from the very people who have risked life and limb and, all too often, have other medical issues that you cannot see from the outside such as continual pain from injuries, depression, etc., to keep you and myself and our country free. Some of these injuries you and I are simply not even capable of understanding, because we weren’t there.

Our loyalty lies to our country and to the many veterans both past and present who keep our sorry butts free. I’ve worked for our government in two capacities and have seen the waste and abuse of the system. No one wants to create an “issue” by speaking up for what’s right and because no one wants to be “picked on” or make a scene, etc., things just keep going on in the same way. I’m not saying there are not many good people in every area of our government. I have been privileged to work with and for some of the finest. But when you look around and see all the people who do absolutely the minimum they can just to get by and keep out of trouble with their supervisors when they are capable of doing so much more, it is extremely frustrating.

If we, as Christians and as American citizens, don’t start speaking up when we see a wrong being committed; then before long we may not (and probably won’t) have the freedom we now have. Our rights and freedom are slowly being taken away, and far too many people are content to just sit back and allow it to happen. Some of these people don’t even take time to vote as evidenced in every election by the numbers. Only a small percentage of those registered even take time to go vote. Add to that number the ones who are not even registered. If we continue to just sit back and allow all this to happen, then shame on us as a society. We need to take a stand and take back our country!

So, what can we do (each and every one of us who is of age) to take back our country. Register to vote, And then vote, for a start. Vote for those people who you believe are going to try and make some position changes. Don’t just vote a straight ticket. I have voted a straight ticket only once in my life. Vote for the person you think will do the best job and have our country’s interest at heart. Then, hold those people we have put in office accountable. If they don’t do what they said they will do, then vote them out and try to put someone capable in that position. Also, do something to support our vets, babysit for a family who may not be able to hire a babysitter, go spend time with a vet, whether it’s at the VA hospital or at his home, etc. If he or she is disabled, how about raking up their leaves or helping clean their home or go to the store for them, do their laundry, help with repairs, etc. Just do something! They have given a lot for us, can we now show our appreciation and give them something back?