Reader agrees with president

It seams like every time a left-wing liberal columnist tells me it’s raining, I open a window and put my hand out before grabbing an umbrella!

Stories abound about the hundreds of unfilled appointments that Trump has yet to make. The president is in no rush to re-bloat government.

After reading a column by Richard Neely dated July 1 outlining the future of our country and Donald Trump not filling hundreds and hundreds of federally appointed jobs, I had to comment. I, as well as many others, agree with the president. We don’t need to fill many of those jobs.

President Trump has said on more than one occasion the government glass is half-empty and he just doesn’t mind it. The president believes his lack of political appointees is less about his inexperience in government and more about a desire for a leaner government operation, something a whole bunch of us support.

Now all this leads me to comment on Mr. Neely’s bureaucratic imperial state based on government by Mandarins who in many ways mirror the current democratic party.

What Mr. Neely failed to explain was that ancient China was a region dependent on taxation and a ruling class of bureaucrats. Does this sound like the current state of affairs facing our country? Thus, the rise of the American middle class leading to the Democrats’ decline, manifesting a banner of incompetency and corruption, weakening their control of America.

Since the election, the Democratic party has become more and more unstable, resulting in more and more disturbances and chaos. In short, the Democratic party has declined and failed because it refused to keep up to the trend of the time.

To put it simply, an elite Democrat group of ruling bureaucrats failed to modernize its political, economic, social and cultural system in a changing world, leading to their decline and fall.

Similar to the Manchurian dynasty, the liberal Democrats took land from the middle class to give to elites, enticed cities to engage in resistance, placed heavy censorship on speech that did not conform to their way of thinking and corrupted the court system. And rather than spending the citizens’ money on the state of affairs, it was spent on their personal affairs.

The president understands that the old bureaucratic system is simply too big to manage. We have limited land resources. Rebellions are spreading and becoming uncontrollable. The last administration’s foreign policy was arrogant, resulting in worldwide militarism, and it did not help forcing companies to send their cash and talents overseas.

Unlike Mr. Neely, those of us who served in Southeast Asia as line personnel did not have the luxury of air-conditioned quarters, nor did we have a safe working environment. We were on the front line with weapons, heat and rain, facing an enemy who wanted to kill us.