Today’s politicians in another class

Mr. Robert Ware has been quite busy for the last month, writing several letters to the editor. I believe it’s time for someone to step up and assure him he hasn’t been wasting his time. I always enjoy his analysis, as well as Randy Brooks’, another Upshur County citizen.

I was watching a good TV program just the other night, an African wildlife program that showed in great detail the survival not only of the strong but of the cunning as well.

There were cheetahs running down an antelope only to have their lunch stolen by a pride of lions, a leopard on a tree limb jumping on the back of their prey and scurrying off with it to the nearest tree and lodging it as high as possible. Both the lions and hyenas try to bring down the catch, and sometimes they do get it if it’s not anchored well. If two or three hyenas steal a kill, they can’t always hold onto it. A large pack of wild dogs can harass a few hyenas until they give up and leave. There’s never any rest or peace as long there’s two species around.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up and after rubbing my eyes I realized it was not an African wildlife show at all. It was the 6:30 edition of the evening news and it was taking place in Washington, D.C., not the Serengeti of Africa. The wildlife were all there, just wearing different clothing but just as fierce as the wild animals.

The mainstream press has but one goal; harass our fearless president until he resigns. They simply can’t get over the humiliation that Hillary Clinton lost the election on legitimate grounds. How did that happen? It happened because she lied every time she was asked a question and Trump and Company figured out a way to bring her down, with a little help of course from FBI Director Comey.

They really believe that if they keep throwing mud some of it will stick and bog down the presidency. Scott Pelley of CBS tried to help, but the network fired him for his trash talk, although he’s still on “60 Minutes” doing documentaries. CNN got in a lot of hot water recently for lying about Russia’s role in the election and three employees were fired, but not the right ones. Van Jones, a known communist sympathizer, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer should have been dismissed.

I am in my 60s, and I started paying attention to politics early on, during the Kennedy-Nixon race. I have been floored and confused by some of the dirty tricks and schemes used by politicians over the years, like Watergate, Iran Contragate and Monica Lewinskygate, but today’s politicians are indeed in another class. It won’t get any better if no penalties are meted out for the egregious behavior and lying by the media. They hide behind the First Amendment.

It’s long overdue for truth in government and the press. It would be so refreshing if two presidential candidates would shake hands and the loser say, “Well, we gave it a good run, but the people have spoken. Godspeed!”, and really mean it.