What? Not another federal subsidy; deep-six those plans

In the July 17 edition of The Inter-Mountain, an article on Gov. Justice centered on plans for developing yet another subsidy for West Virginia, i.e. a so-called tree subsidy. It was implied that other heavily forested states would follow suit.

The issue basically relates to beefing up wages in all segments of the hardwood industry. Let the industry do the job being recommended. If Justice feels that the so-called tree subsidy is crucial for our economy, go for it under the posture of the 10th Amendment without assistance from the federal asylum. The governor’s relationship with Eric Trump as a pathway for federal funding is without merit.

There are subsidies galore in the U.S. There are now more than 2,000 federal subsidies in our nation and West Virginia is a highly dependent child of the federal parent. Many of the subsidies originated with the outdated FDR administration. Seems that they’re eternal. Whatever happened to our 10th Amendment to the Constitution? For all intents and purposes, it’s either dead or severely wounded. In bygone days, the federal government lived at the behest of the states. Today, we (especially West Virginia) now live at the behest of the federal government. Our place at the federal financial trough seems permanent.

Please, Gov. Justice, shelve or better yet deep-six your subsidy proposal for the hardwood industry. We clearly don’t need more federal spending. Do we not have enough national debt — 20 trillion and counting plus unfunded and underfunded liabilities which dwarf the debt.

The constant and unsubstantiated federal spending continues at our peril. Quite obviously, Congress and Washington will not correct the problem no matter what political party is in control. Frankly, I’m quite tired of the interest on U.S. (borrowed) funds being used to support the military machine of the Peoples Republic of China and other similar endeavors. Look out when the international reserve currency is no longer the U. S. dollar. There are clear advocates for another currency to replace it. It will not be a happy day if that occurs, nor is it now a happy day with the Washington circus in full swing. Sorry, no lions and tigers but an abundance of elephants and jackasses.

Washington won’t take action and fix itself and the nation. Too much power would be lost by the ruling elites. However, we the people clearly have a constitutional mechanism to change the focus of the Congress and the current administration; i.e. a Convention of States under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Such a convention can enable the making of sensible and needed amendments to the Constitution which limit the power in Washington and return it to the states and the people. This may be our last and only hope of righting our nation’s ship. For our children and grandchildren, please consider contacting your state representative(s) for support.