Brunch bill bad idea for Elkins

There was a story in the Aug. 21 edition of The Inter-Mountain that Elkins City Council is considering an ordinance allowing restaurants and other establishments to serve alcohol as early as 10 a.m. Sundays.

That brunch bill is one of the most asinine, nonsensical, moronic ideas to have come out of the Legislature in a while (and that is saying something).

The only people who will benefit from passage of this ordinance will be the restaurant owners.

Some time back I discussed this bill with a member of the county commission, and I was told that only one establishment in town had approached them about it. Of all of the establishments listed in the article, how many of them have approached the council on this matter? If it is the same one that approached the commission and none of the others have expressed an interest, then the ordinance should be allowed to die a natural death.

All this ordinance will do is put a bunch of drunks on the streets on Sunday morning. If a person cannot get through one meal without alcohol, that person has a serious drinking problem.

It is bad enough to have people who have been drinking driving around town in the evening hours. Do we want them tooling around town on Sunday morning after they have had a few?

Where is the Elkins Ministerial Association on this question? Maybe they should approach the council and voice their concerns about this matter.

Politics and social issues make for strange bedfellows. Recently there was an issue where a local pastor and I were on opposite sides, but I am reasonably certain that we would both be standing on the same side of the aisle on this matter.

I am urging the city council to vote no on this ordinance.

Charles Church

Valley Bend