Thanks to local fire departments

At 1 a.m., Aug. 2, I woke to a loud knock that everyone fears to hear. We had a fire outside our home.

My nephew, who is also my neighbor, had just gotten home from work and saw the flames in a building next to my home and my parent’s home. I debated on calling 911, thinking it was only the exterior of the building burning, until I saw the smoke bellowing from the door facing the eave of the roof.

I tried my best to remain calm and give the 911 dispatcher a detailed description of the fire. All the while, my husband and nephew were moving everything out of the way for the fire department’s arrival.

Myself and my family cannot say enough for our volunteer fire departments.

The Huttonsville/Mill Creek Volunteer Fire Department was first on scene. Their response time was impeccable.

With the effort of the men and women from that department as well as Tygart Valley and Beverly departments (I apologize if I left anyone out), the fire was contained.

My home was saved from the devastation of fire, as well as my parent’s home and other outbuilding with their rapid response time. I don’t recall who, but someone from the fire department or EMS made sure to ask at the onset if everyone was safe and accounted for. The volunteer fire departments did everything they could with the best possible outcome of what could have be complete devastation.

A million thanks to everyone who gave their precious time that early morning. I cannot say enough for all you have done for my family.

Brandy Wildman

Mill Creek