Pool, bridge two separate issues

On Sept. 2, Jessica Currence wrote a letter to The Inter-Mountain bemoaning the lack of an outdoor pool in Elkins.

I totally agree with her that an outdoor pool would be a great thing for our community and for our kids. I am from Huntington and as a kid, my family went an outdoor pool every afternoon in the summer. We luckily had a number to choose from, and some indoor pools for the winter and my sisters and I ended up on the swim team. I still love to swim.

However, I have to take issue with the comment at the end of her letter where she takes a swipe at the bike trail. She says that instead of swimming in an outdoor pool, the kids can take a bike ride on the new $1 million bridge on the Highlands Trail. I take it that there is some resentment in the community about the expense of the new bridge.

I am on the Highlands Trails Foundation, and have been for years. The money for that bridge comes from a grant from the Department of Highways. I am sorry, but I don’t think the Department of Highways finances swimming pools.

I will say though that the trail started out as a dream, and was turned into reality by some smart people who applied for grants. I, for one, feel lucky that we have such a trail in our community, even though we have no outdoor pool. The bike trail is a great place to ride a bike without having to worry about cars. The million-dollar bridge will be in a place to provide safety to our kids who are on the trail, which also makes me happy.

My advice to Jessica and others who want a pool is to turn their dream into reality like the Highland Trails Foundation did with the bike trail. Good luck! I am with you!

Dr. Mary S. Boyd