Reader questions county official

I have a copy of a court order dated September 2016 from the Randolph County Circuit Court. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has refused to enforced this order. I also have copies of two no trespass notices dated December 2015, relating to the same matter.

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has refused to enforce these, even though the sheriff’s office accepted payment and served these notices themselves.

This behavior brings several questions to mind. Is the decision on which laws to ignore made in the sheriff’s office alone? If not, is the sheriff’s office acting on orders from higher powers in the county? If so, how high does it go and who all is involved?

Are these documents valid? Or are they worth less than the paper they’re printed on? This would call into question every document issued by every office in the county government.

By refusing to enforce the law, the sheriff’s office is not only condoning illegal behavior, but they are guilty of aiding and abetting. For these actions, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office owes us all an explanation. So Mr. Brady, public servant that you are, tax-paid servant, step forward and explain to one and all your lack of action.

Len Chidester