Republicans still angry at Obama

To those who might be in the dark, a new bill to repeal Obamacare is being pushed through the Senate, again, and this one is the absolute worst. Predictions are already putting those who would lose health coverage from this at 30 million, with of course the usual cuts to Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, an increased likely hood of premiums going up, and giving an out to insurers to charge more for those with pre-existing conditions. If this passes, health insurance will go sky high, leaving millions unable to afford it and, thus, be unable to get life-saving treatments.

Don’t just take my word for it, dozens of health organizations have called this bill inhumane. Governors, senators, former presidents, and so on and so on, have called this bill a death sentence. And if that didn’t raise enough red flags, the GOP are yet again trying to ram this thing through without debate.

They want to vote on this before an official CBO score can be made, and they are using every dirty trick they can use to pass this horrendous piece of trash, and it is quite, to me, the most disgusting and enraging thing they are doing, and that’s really saying something.

People, Obamacare was never the absolute worst thing to happen to this country. It has saved lives, but Republicans act like those lives weren’t worth a single damn. That’s not to say that Obamacare doesn’t need some fixing, but that doesn’t mean it has to scrapped completely. Make no mistake, the Republicans’ vile, loathsome and just plain evil attempts to repeal Obamacare are fueled by nothing more than spite and hatred for President Obama, and you should be mad as hell about it.

If you’re sick and tired of this, then there is still time; call or email Senator Capito. Flood her voicemail/email with demands that she vote no on the Graham-Cassidy Bill.

Edward S. Brenwalt