Federal tax cuts could help W.Va.

Recently proposed federal tax cuts could help West Virginia more than any other state. The proposed tax cuts on the middle class and small businesses like mine would mean more money in West Virginians’ pockets, helping them cover rising costs of living and stimulating the local economy.

Imagine a world in which you get to keep more of what you earn and have the liberty to choose where you spend it, whether that be buying goods and services from your favorite local business or investing in a start-up of your own.

Such economic activity is needed in West Virginia now. The state’s economy was one of seven in the country to shrink last year. And the state leads the country in two dubious categories: fastest population outmigration rate and biggest drug overdose death rate. Small business tax relief would increase economic opportunity and reverse these trends by allowing small businesses like mine to create jobs, raise wages, and expand.

More earnings staying on Main Street rather than plundered by the federal government would help communities across the country, but especially those in the Mountain State where they’re most needed.

Mike Ray

Owner of West Fork Pottery in Fairmont