Councilman thanks public for turnout

I want to thank each and every person who attended the Elkins City Council meeting on Nov. 16.

Undoubtedly, most of those in attendance came because of their strong feelings for or against the proposed ordinance establishing a one percent sales tax on city businesses.

Let me say, I oppose this ordinance. Some city council members want residents to support a tax increase but cannot tell them where that money will be going or why we need it.

How can we say we are representing the people of Elkins when we hold “public forums” only after we propose a tax increase?

And even then, we only ask what should be done with the revenue generated from the tax rather than asking residents if the city should be proposing a tax in the first instance.

Such maneuvering is disrespectful to taxpayers, and it’s irresponsible.

As elected officials, we serve the people of Elkins. It is my hope that the residents continue to come to council meetings and remind us of this fact.

Christopher Lowther

Third Ward Councilman