Repeat thievery hurting ministry

We need the general public’s help in assisting us to stop the local thieves that have been entering and raiding the donation bin at Good Shepherd Ministries.

This problem has been going on since January. The bin is not an easy raid. It is an 8-foot drop that takes time and effort.

Catching them on the game cam has not stopped them or prosecuted many of them. Placing their videos on Facebook has not shamed them. They smoke while raiding the bin. They bring their own ladders. They come two at a time. They bring lookouts. They hit themselves in the head with the door. They even fall asleep in the act of raiding the bin. They bring their own fishing poles to try to fish out the donations. Some are regular customers in the store. They even teach their children how to raid the bin.

The thieves’ hours seem to be midnight to 6 a.m.. But, they seem to prefer 3 a.m. Several folks suggested that we lock the bin. But, this is how we support our community. Locking the bin will only result in donations being placed outside in the weather, and the thieves would only make a bigger mess for us to clean up.

We ask that anyone who donates to drop donations in the bin from 6 a.m. to noon Mondays through Fridays if they want us to receive the donations in good condition.

We ask the public to call the police if they see any loitering or unusual activity in the ally near the donation bin or dumpster. We also ask people to call the police about loitering in front of the church next door as customers and volunteers do not feel safe walking down the sidewalk to the store.

Maybe with the support of the public and police, we can get a handle on these problems and continue to support our community.

Thank you to those who have supported us and continue to support us.

Tammy Kittle


Good Shepherd Ministries