Gun owners clash with lawmakers

It’s not often I offer up praise to a New England state, but Connecticut deserves a great big thumbs up. For starters, New England states tend to lean left, but this time, Connecticut did something completely unexpected.

The state legislature recently passed a slew of anti-gun legislation, including a registration program for “assault rifles” that has been received with less enthusiasm than Obamacare.

In fact, many gun owners in Connecticut have elected to ignore the patently unconstitutional law. And now, the state is issuing threatening letters amidst an increasing barrage of confiscation rhetoric and the gun owners simply won’t comply. In fact, most gun owners told them to “xome and take them.”

Hiding in the wings are states like Colorado, New Jersey, California and New York, observing from afar, waiting to see what happens in Connecticut. I’m certain this unholy alliance of socialist state legislatures conjured up a well thought-out plan to test the waters and see how far they will be allowed to go before launching their own assault on the Constitution.

This could be the beginning of a new civil war, with the first shots being fired in Connecticut. Their registration requirements list numerous popular firearms other than AK-47’s and AR-15’s. Their expansive list of firearms include the ever popular lever action Henry Rifles, 73 Winchesters and other lever guns that exceed the magazine capacity set forth in their guidelines.

After reading an article last night, it seems the Connecticut legislature isn’t having much luck getting state and local law enforcement officials on board. If they fail to enforce it on the local level, their only option would be the National Guards, and they would never get Trump to authorize the use of the National Guards to enforce legislation that is clearly in violation of the Constitution.

If you’re looking to start a war in this country, I can’t think of a better way. Over the last nine years, Americans have been arming themselves to the teeth by buying every firearm in sight. Even the less desirable economy grade firearms have been flying off the shelves in record numbers, and ammunition sales are through the roof.

In light of this, the citizens of other states had better be on the lookout for legislation such as this. In any case, my hat’s off to the people of Connecticut for telling their lawmakers to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Randy Brooks