Pastor: Let’s protest the NFL protestors

Feb. 4 is the big day in football, Super Bowl Sunday! The climax for the NFL year as the two top teams vie for the championship. Millions will tune their TVs into this event to watch these teams fight it out on the field. Included in this huge audience are thousands of churches gathered around their church TV to watch this event. My question for these churches and pastors is this, can you with a clear conscience support the NFL by watching this game considering the number of the NFL players that have disgraced our flag and our nation?

Pastor, can you in good faith lead your congregation into the support of an organization that has openly disregarded the lives lost and the blood shed for the freedom in America by refusing to honor our flag and our national anthem? I do believe that God and our forefathers will be greatly saddened if the churches across this great land bow to the god of football and entertainment. Members, can you continue to attend a church that would glorify the players who have blatantly spit in the face of every man and woman that has served our nation by refusing to honor our flag?

I would like to invite, and challenge, the pastors and congregations in our area to join our church at the flag pole at our Federal Building at kickoff time (6:30 p.m.) on Super Bowl Sunday. Forego your parties, forego your celebration of football, and join us to honor our nation by pledging allegiance to our flag and singing our national anthem!

We as God’s people will never see this nation return to God if we continue to set on the sidelines (no pun intended) and let the godless world blatantly destroy our nation! Will you show your support of our military, our police, and those who have served our nation by boycotting the Super Bowl and join us at the flag pole? Please contact me if you would like to take part in this event.

Your financial support of the NFL by viewing the Super Bowl (advertisers make note of the number of viewers) only serves to embolden those who have dishonored our nation. If these NFL players were truly concerned about the communities they say they are protesting for, then they would invest some of the millions of dollars they are paid to improve these communities. These NFL players need to put up or shut up. And we as God’s people most certainly should not add to their coffers. I trust that churches across America will boycott the NFL in honor of our flag and our nation.

Mike House

Pastor, ambassade

Baptist Church