Reader startled by water rate changes

I put a double wide home on a piece of land that already had a water meter.

In October of this year I received a “How much will water rates increase” card from Elkins City Hall. It showed how much you pay for a gallon of water: First 2,000 gallons in 2015 was $10 for each gallon and the new rates going into effect in 2017 are$15.25 each gallon for the first 2,000 gallons. The new rates raised my water bill $16 for 2,000 gallons.

I looked at my bill in detail for the first time that I’ve lived here. Those 17 years I have paid $30 a month for 1,200 to 1,600 gallons of water, which according to the chart I should be paying $20 a month.

My daughter and I went to City Hall and asked why I paid $30 a month and they told us that I had a 3/4 inch line to meter, I should have a 5/8 inch line. To make this simple, I think you should pay for water used and not the size of your line because the amount of water metered would be the same. Watch your size because I found out that an 1/8 inch can cost you the rest of your life time.

I know a lot of the city employees and they are all helpful, fine people.

Hilbert Dolly