Reader unhappy with new county fire fee

The Randolph County Commission voted unanimously for a fire fee for volunteer fire departments.

How can you see fit to do this without a vote of the people, or are you like North Korea’s (Kim) Little Rocket Man. Spend like you want with our tax money. You need to live on Social Security with no raises.

While the fire truck can be used at night to water certain people’s cattle on their farms, and some of the money can be used to buy fancy suits like Captain Binganton in “McHale’s Navy” in a fire truck and go to the Forest Festival and blow the siren and blink the lights until people go deaf. While someone’s house burns that night with nobody home on the range, but then what does it matter to the people that lost their home if the ashes are hot or cold?

If we must pay this fee, we want you on the job. It no longer seems to be 100 percent volunteer. Will our fire insurance go up or down?

We don’t need fire department aid, what we need is band aid. The county commission has 100 percent voted to bleed us to death.

I am making a plea to all the people in Randolph County who pay taxes and are as unhappy as I am that want to see this county prosper and not lose its population. I would like to see our young generation be able to get a decent job, but it won’t happen like this. They are in the sinking boat that I am talking about.

We need to not elect again any of these people in the commission ever. Drain the swamp. Repeal this tax pointed at the chosen few to collect. Bob Jones and Diane Marsteller, where are you when we need you?

What will it be like in 2020? Will we have helicopters on the scene dropping water and men like they do out west? Why, maybe they can even water the cattle.

“When there is an increase of good things, there is an increase of those who devour them.” Ecclesiastes 5:11.

Lake Huffman

Randolph County