Trump’s tax bill is creating benefits

The benefits of Trump’s tax bill have already exceeded the expectations. Nationwide, employers are offering higher wages, better benefits, more paid time off, and that’s not all. Some employers are offering a 100 percent match on employee 401K’s and expanded maternity leave that’s extended to employees who choose to adopt a child.

Walmart is now offering $5,000 toward the cost of adoption, and they’ve increased wages from minimum wage to $11 an hour, and let’s not forget the stock market boom, netting millions in additional dividends to investors.

The tax plan prevented businesses from relocating outside the U.S. We have expanded our offshore drilling program to include prime oil deposits that were off limits when Obama was running things.

It’s a giant leap forward toward energy independence. I look forward to telling OPEC to stick their oil where the sun doesn’t shine.

Even some utility companies are lowering rates to millions of customers, and beginning in February, payroll deductions will drop, allowing workers to keep more of their hard-earned money. All this leads to a healthy economy, lower inflation and increased sales on the wholesale/retail level.

Since Trump took office the number of black males rejoining the workforce is at an all-time high. Since Mr. Epstein felt it necessary to bring up the subject of his degrees, here’s a quote he should ponder. “Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” (Bertrand Russell) Touche!

No, Mr. Stewart, we don’t need to blow another trillion dollars on useless, left wing programs that line the pockets of politicians, and leave countless people worse off than before. Welfare is a prime example. Countless lives have been destroyed by a system designed to keep you trapped within a system that offers no way out. If you get a job, you lose your benefits before you have the chance to reestablish yourself in the workforce.

As a pet project of the Democrats, welfare has become the largest non-productive program in modern history. It creates its next generation of recipients by offering additional benefits for having more children. Right now, there are three generations of people who have never known life outside the DHHR.

If a person’s disabled or mentally handicapped, by all means, help them. But we shouldn’t have millions of healthy individuals living on welfare when there aren’t enough people actively seeking employment to fill the available jobs. This kind of waste went on for eight years under Obama, and we ended up $10 trillion deeper in debt.

However, don’t let me discourage you from wasting “your” money on a lost cause, but please don’t expect us to do the same.

Randy Brooks