Reader: Stop blaming all the wrong people

Richard K. McClane has seen a side of the NRA I’ve never seen. He calls the NRA fear mongers, when in reality the NRA is nothing more than a grassroots organization that watchdogs the gun control fanatics in Washington. Each time there’s a shooting, they swing into action blaming everyone but the guilty. Instead of blaming Nikolas Cruz, they blamed Donald Trump, the NRA and even those of us who legally own firearms.

What’s going on? Well, it’s really quite simple. Today’s Democrats are not yesterday’s Democrats. I grew up in a family of Democrats, and I can tell you the Democrats of today are nothing like the ones I knew. Sure, both parties had their fundamental differences, but when it came to doing what was right for the country, both were always on the same page. It’s not so today.

The Democratic Party is made up of hardcore socialists trying to turn America into a socialist state. They hate capitalism, equal rights and religious freedoms, the Second Amendment, jobs, the wealthy and the American dream.

Next is controlling healthcare. Under Obama, millions were “forced” to purchase health insurance, and it didn’t matter if they made $15,000 or $150,000 a year, they had to purchase it or be fined.

The next step is guns. These clowns can’t do a thing until they disarm us. It’s why the Democrats are going after the NRA, Trump and the Second Amendment. What about religion? They already control the Churches. Lyndon Johnson, a socialist, neutered them after forcing them into a 501(3) c status.

The law basically said, shut up or lose your tax exempt status. And shut up they did. Rather than fight the IRS, the churches bowed down. Next is education. Each day, your children are indoctrinated deeper into liberalism. Your kids are taught to snitch on parents, defy them, and when they don’t get their way, they tell their social worker, and you get a visit from CPS.

Look beyond the propaganda about the NRA, Trump and gun control. The real prize is America, and the Democrats will stop at nothing to get it. The 2018 mid-term elections will be held on Nov. 6. The elections will take place in the middle of President Trump’s term.

There are several Democratic seats in Congress up for grabs, along with 39 governorships, and numerous state and local seats in play. We got rid of Hillary, and it’s time to send more of them packing. If they’re a Democrat, vote them out. We’re finally on the right track, and we need to stay there. Help drain the swamp in November.

Randy Brooks