Stand up for freedom

While reading about Facebook’s CEO agreeing to remove any posts that they or the government consider to be terroristic or harmful to the public, it occurs to me that this may be how Russia or Hitler started their control of the masses. A gentleman used Twitter to send several direct quotes from the Muslim holy book and found himself banned and his posts removed. There are many other examples and it is quite frankly scary as hell to think about where this road is leading. If this can happen with a Republican president, what will happen when another uber left-leaning Democrat gets elected?

The news is no longer actual news, news agencies are now propaganda machines that only cover happenings that advance their agenda. What happened to honest reporting — what is happening to our country? How do we have sanctuary cities that break Federal law by their existence. But I am digressing, let’s get back to the issue of free speech.

The information we receive from the internet is now being controlled, free speech is no more.

It is going to get worse, and I have such a feeling of dread, I feel totally helpless about the situation. Our fathers and their fathers fought and died against some leaders that would now fit right in with some of our politicians. The amount of money or the connections you have will enable you to do anything in our country, as Hillary Clinton can attest. I would say that I fear for our children’s future, but I’m 50 years old and I now believe that I will live to see our country turn into a third world country. Our politicians need to stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law or it is already over.

Timothy Simmons