Are changes trying to tell us something?

We all know nature has gone amuck — fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, etc. Added to all of this is crime and drugs.

There are people who are too lazy to work who try to extort money from the elderly. We can’t trust our own government. Trump and others want to build a wall to keep people out, but we or our ancestors came from other countries for much the same reason as these people.

Here at home people are upset about abandoned houses and unsightly places. Our city government should be concerned about the retaining wall in the Third Ward turn. The concrete is cracked and leans out over the sidewalk. I’ve noticed some newer cracks and wide ones too. If it falls, someone could be killed. I believe this is more important than unsightly houses. I pray it never happens, but it could.

As for all the disasters happening, read your Bible and you will learn God is trying to tell us something. The world has to change its ways or we are all doomed. Jesus said he will come again and all sinners will pay for their ways.

Robert Phillips