Does U.S. need stricter gun laws?

This letter goes, more or less, to a certain other letter writer, if only because he had a special response to one of my more recent letters. First, you acknowledge that other countries have stricter gun laws. Good for you, really good for you. But…

You didn’t explain why it was that their stricter laws work, and yet stricter laws here wouldn’t. In fact, it sounds like you actually agreed with me, that the stricter gun laws would decrease the number of killings.

So… your problem would be that one person would still die and someone would have to tell that someone’s grieving mother? Buddy, how about you be the one who has to tell the literally hundreds of parents that it’s better to have as many as possible get gunned down just so that one grieving mother isn’t alone.

Basically I’m asking, “Why is it a bad thing to prevent as many deaths as possible?” And before someone says, “The only solution is to have more guns!” Let me point out that has been your go-to idea for years, and guess what: It. Is. Not. Working. There are more guns in this country than there are American citizens, and yet we have statistics that show us that, on average, a hundred people get shot every day. We have so many “good guys with a gun” clear across the U.S., and yet we keep seeing mass shootings almost every other week!

I repeat myself: Your way is not working. So, in that regard, how about letting the Democrats give it a shot and see how things go?

After years of doing it your way, it only seems fair to let us have a chance.

Disclaimer: Of course, it’s not just the Democrats who want to enact stricter gun laws, but I’ve got a feeling that won’t register.

And last but not least, Trump. You claim that he is: Getting. Stuff. Done. Real stuff, with real results.

Either you are not paying much attention and are thus completely oblivious to the harm that Trump is causing our country, or you are paying attention and are actually happy at all of the harm being caused, if only because it’s not harming you directly.

Edward S. Brenwalt