Store’s policy frustrates reader

Over the holiday weekend, my husband, our 18-year-old son and I went to Walmart in Elkins to purchase party supplies. One of the things we wanted to buy happened to be alcohol.

When we got to the register, I was informed that we would need to show ID — all three of us. I have no problem showing ID for myself, as I was the one purchasing the alcohol. When I questioned why my husband and son had to show ID, I was told that “company policy” stated that everyone in the party must show proof of ID. My husband had his, but my son didn’t. The cashier refused to sell me anything with alcohol in it. I asked what would have happened if he did bring his ID, seeing as he is 18, and not legal to purchase. I was told she still would have refused the sale. Eventually she called over a manager, who allowed us to purchase what we wished, seeing as he was our son.

These are my issues with this so-called “policy.” First, Walmart is a family store. I bring my kids a lot. I have a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old. When my kids are with me, and I want to purchase something with alcohol in it, am I going to have to go through this entire process again? Second, nowhere in the store does it state that everyone in your party has to show ID. This causes embarrassment and frustration at the checkout when they ask. Third, legally, I have to show my ID as I am the person paying for the groceries. It’s really none of their business who I’m with as long as I legally purchase it.

Walmart should either post this policy clearly so customers are aware of it, or do away with the policy and simply follow the law requiring the purchaser’s ID.

Marcia Myers