Blackwater Canyon and development

Blackwater Canyon, in Tucker County, is under threat of assault by Allegheny Wood Products of Petersburg, which owns significant acreage in the canyon. Allegheny wants to deforest the canyon and then develop it.

Deforestation and development of Blackwater Canyon would result in elimination of valuable wildlife habitat, removal of forest land important to reversal of the greenhouse effect, removal of trees important in absorption of and holding back water that helps prevent flooding in low lying areas, and sedimentary pollution of streams and rivers.

As was the same case during the industrial age of Tucker County, the entire process would take more than 100 years to recover and reverse itself. Deforestation is a short-sighted solution to satisfy financial greed as it causes more harm than good.

Blackwater Canyon is the crown jewel of West Virginia, much enjoyed and appreciated by both locals and tourists alike. I would ask that the Nature Conservancy save Blackwater Canyon by purchasing the remaining acreage owned by Allegheny Wood Products and set that acreage aside so the forest can continue to grow untouched as old growth timber for wildlife, mankind and our environment for generations to come.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Joseph W. Dumire