Feral cats are causing problems

We homeowners have a feral cat problem that nobody seems to want to address. These feral cats use our gardens as litter boxes. They spray an where they choose, and they climb on our cars.

Feral cats are an ecological disaster to our surroundings. They kill other wildlife just for the fun of killing. They kill baby rabbits, baby birds, baby squirrels, other cats, small dogs, etc. They have also been known to attack small children. Anything they can catch they kill.

They are a danger to our health and well-being.

If you love these cats, keep them inside your house as I do not wish to smell them or deal with them.

Dogs have to be contained, why not cats?

Anyone feeding these cats should have to place them inside their homes and pay for their health and well-being.

Homeowners should not have to deal with these feral cats as they are making homeowners’ lives miserable.

Our elected officials need to do something about these feral cats.

Lorna Semmler