Is speech still free?

I recently read an article about a law professor that was invited to give a speech at a New York law college. The professor was heckled out of the building with one protester yelling “f*** the law.” Is that not ironic, a law student yelling that out and being supported by the faculty and student body of a college of law?

I hate to make a a Hitler reference, seeing as how the left half of our country, including the media, are comparing the Republicans to Hitler every chance they get, but Hitler’s socialist movement started when he and his cohorts started giving speeches and anyone that showed any opposition was heckled and/or beaten. They took the free speech away from anyone that opposed them. Can you not see that by heckling someone that doesn’t share your opinion you are taking away one of things that makes our country great. If you don’t learn lessons from our history you are doomed to repeat the past. We need peaceful debates in which both sides are willing to listen to the other’s opinion, show that we are not unthinking, uncaring animals. Once free speech is lost, as we have seen in other South American countries, we will see the end of our great country that so many have fought and died to create.