It’s time to be quiet and think

Elected officials slaughtered because someone does not agree with their political belief or actions.

Teachers slaughtered by a student disciplined for misbehavior, and guns were easier than other conflict resolutions.

Students slaughtered by another student for real or perceived bullying.

Religious leaders slaughtered for honoring their God by someone with different beliefs.

Men, women and children slaughtered in worship by someone who hates them for being different.

Office workers slaughtered because they work with the abused ex of the shooter.

Journalists slaughtered for reporting the news and believing in freedom of the press by someone who believes news is fake and journalists are criminals.

People of all ages, genders, races, religions and professions slaughtered for just trying to live their lives.

We are a nation where people were taught to “speak up for themselves,” but now it’s time to do it appropriately or just know when to shut up. Time to turn off the news, whether TV or radio, get off Facebook and Twitter and think for ourselves. Then we can sit down with a small group of friends and have a discussion.

We can find common ground on some aspects and “agree to disagree” in a civil manner on the rest.

Marty Brewster