Kavanaugh under the microscope

Kavanaugh is Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.

What do we know about Kavanaugh? He once held a hearing saying the president of the U.S. is above the law, can not be investigated, charged with a crime or convicted of a crime. If that is true then to hell with the Declaration of Independence. And every soldier who gave his life gave it in vain.

This means we no longer have a president, we have a dictator in charge of our country.

I know Trump believes this because he stated he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get by with it.

Trump is picking him because of his outlook of our laws. He will change the law that gives a woman the right over her own body. A woman won’t be able to get an abortion even to save her own life.

Since Trump has been elected. He has worshipped Putin, a dictator. Trump made the statement, he wished his people would jump up and worship him like Putin’s people do. Trump would turn the U.S. into a Communist country if we don’t stand up and stop him.

Lloyd Price