Liberals versus conservatives

Why is it that liberals feel no qualms about being rude? Far too many people who are perfectly polite and courteous, otherwise, think nothing of insulting us for not sharing their political opinions.

If you do nothing else today make sure you take the time to understand. Until everyone realizes that left wing columnists hate us and they are playing for keeps we will never understand the battle before us.

I have never hated a liberal. I believe most are sincere, wrong but sincere. They seem to think that the government is the answer, not the problem, and anybody who disagrees is deranged.

Many people who voted for Trump, and candidates like him, have mostly learned to keep their mouths shut. I have not. I predict a big surprise for liberals in the up-coming mid year elections. Maybe they’re right and I am deranged, but that’s my opinion.

A statement made in a recent column about problems at the border jumped up and gob-smacked me like a sloppy lick from a German shepherd’s watery tongue.

That recent liberal immigration article is, to put it politely, simply ugly propaganda. In the past several days we have grown accustomed to this kind of piece.

Certainly, we’re feeling the effects of eight years of identity politics under the Obama administration. During that time racial strife greatly increased in our land.

In short, to the left “make America great again” means to make America a white supremacist nation.

The essence of this false narrative is that Donald Trump got elected by running a racist campaign. One that appealed to the lowest elements of our society. To the left these are the people who voted for him, and these are the people who stand by him today.

But why quibble about facts? Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. His supporters shout their support. In the eyes of the left, this can only mean one thing. Racism.

The best way to resist the left’s false narrative is to refute their misinformation. Do your best to disseminate the truth. Make a concerted effort to destroy every lie by living lives worthy of respect and honor, reaching out to those with whom you differ with civility and grace.

And where genuine bigotry and division is seen, expose it and isolate it, whether on the left or on the right.

But make no mistake about it. These are dangerous times. Their goal is to seize power again and permanently disenfranchise us and they are happy to take the risk of literally ripping our county apart.

Today liberal Democrats hold no levers of power, and they can’t dispense goodies anymore. All they can do now is howl, whine and lie, and try to mobilize the parasites burrowed into the federal bureaucracy to undercut the will of normal Americans.

Robert Ware

French Creek