Outraged by separation policy

On June 30, hundreds of thousands of American citizens, plus thousands more across the globe, stood and marched and spoke as one, with the message being, “Reunite and free the immigrants!”

What is happening at the border is truly the darkest crime in recent political history. The wanton discrimination against innocent migrants, the blatant vilification, and, of course, the unspeakable evil of tearing children away from their parents.

Trump and his administration created this nightmare, this “crisis of humanity,” and they have not done a thing to correct it. If anything, they only doubled down!

It is an absolute outrage. I grow enraged and become grief-stricken every time that I think about it. What is happening is inhumane. Some will argue that this is due process, that it is just the way the law is.

There is no justifying this! Adults and children being thrown into literal cages! Toddlers unaccounted for! And the Republicans just sit and do nothing! These innocent people, especially children, are suffering for no justifiable reason whatsoever! What is happening is evil and monstrous, plain and simple.

And if you are one of those people who will argue with me and the rest of us who actually have human decency as a part of ourselves, if you are one of those people who would just wave this off or defend it, defend children being thrown into cages away from their parents, crying their souls out and traumatized for life, if you are one of those people who do not think that this needs to stop, then you are a monster. You are a vile, despicable monster, and if ever we meet, I will not hesitate to tell you that to your face.

To everyone else, to those who felt a wrench in their gut and an ache in their hearts, and maybe even a festering rage in their chests, you have one thing to do: Vote the Republicans out. You want to stop this calamity? You want to stop it from ever happening again? You want someone who would actually tell Trump to stop and actually have the power and backbone to make him obey?

Then vote the Republicans out!

Edward S. Brenwalt