Suggestion to help immigration crisis

The protesters on the left demand open borders and getting rid of ICE, while the right wants “zero tolerance” where illegal immigration is concerned.

Why not compromise, have all the left’s protesters donate all the money that they are spending traveling to and from protests and on food, drink, and lodging — donate it towards food, housing and counselors in Mexico. Help them have a better country.

Go to South America as an aid worker since you have all this free time and money on your hands. This would get rid of the need for them to illegally cross our border. We would no longer be separating families and they would not have to risk their lives on dangerous crossings.

Let the Right build their border wall and deal with legal immigration, and perhaps donate money, saved by not having to provide services to illegal immigrants, to the lefts across the border projects.

It is by no means a perfect solution, but it is a compromise that helps the Mexicans and South Americans have a better life, and makes our country a much safer and productive place to live.

Perhaps with a wall ICE can clear the backlog of cases and allow an increase of legal immigration.

Tim Simmons