Are they guilty as sin?

Well, well, well… the Russia investigation has just indicted 12 more Russians, all of them government officials (meaning that they work for Putin!), all for the crime of hacking the DNC and Millard Clinton emails and distributing for the purpose of damaging Millard’s chances to win the election and hurt Democrats (I guess that means they were not colluding). According to the reports, the Russians acted with the utmost desire to prop up Trump and attack Millard. That was their mission, which they unfortunately executed with extreme precision and prejudice.

And what, oh what, did the Republicans do in response? They bring up the argument of impeaching… the messenger. Yes, that’s right! The Republicans are/were talking about removing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, all for the high crime of… reading out the crimes of Russians.

I ask, “Why are they doing this?” Rosenstein even went well out of his way to mention that no Americans were found guilty of knowingly colluding (this time, at least). So what could the Republicans possibly have as a justification to impeach someone who is just doing his job?

The answer is simple: They are guilty as sin, and they know that if things keep going the way they are, then they are going to be found out soon enough. What more evidence do you need? Their point-blank refusal to take this investigation not seriously enough? Their point-blank refusal to hold Trump accountable? Their blatant attempts to cover him? Their attempts to discredit the investigation?

Face it, the Republican party has been lost. All that is left are dictators-in-all-but-name, Nazis, white supremacists and sex offenders. Are these the kind of people that we really want running this country? If you don’t want it, then vote Democrat. I don’t care if you have to hold your nose to do it, just do it, ’cause anything is better than what we’re dealing with now.

Edward S. Brenwalt