Candidate stood with teachers this year

Over the past 10 months I’ve had the good fortune to get to know Talley Sergent, Democratic candidate for the House in the Second Congressional district. I can say without hesitation that she’s the real deal!

Sergent is a sixth-generation West Virginian whose great-grandparents founded Fenton Glass. She was born in Huntington, but now resides in Charleston. Sergent’s mom is a public school teacher and is raising her granddaughter (Sergent’s niece) because the child’s mother is a victim of the opioid epidemic. Of course the drug crisis is foremost in her mind, but Sergent is also passionate about many issues dear to all West Virginians.

If elected in November she will work for you, not the big corporations that take from our state and leave little behind. Sergent will fight for working families, to keep our water and air clean, to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans, and to prevent damaging cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

Sergent stood with teachers in Charleston and even here in Randolph County during the work stoppage. She knows that education is the key to helping all West Virginians achieve their goals and stay in the beautiful state they love. Sergent can help make our state a shining example of what can be accomplished if we all work together.

I would strongly encourage you to get to know Talley Sergent. She will be holding the first of three town hall meetings on Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m. at Woodford Memorial Methodist Church in Elkins.

Everyone is invited. Bring your questions and concerns and get to know a woman who will work for you, not large out of state corporate interests. What have you got to lose? Thank you!

Cindy Stemple