Media coverage unfair?

I noticed a segment on a major news network that Uber, Lyft, and D.C. area restaurants were told by their management that they had the right to kick out any customer that made them feel harassed or threatened. The group being singled out this time was Unite the Right, a white supremacist group whose rallies often end in violence with opposing protesters. Twitter joined in by suspending numerous far-right accounts.

Earlier this month a filmmaker attending a Berkley protest was accosted by an angry group of ANTIFA protesters and told to “leave, there are no cops here to help you.” ANTIFA (anti fascist) are the poster children for the extreme far left. During that rally the United States Marine Corps Recruiting office was damaged and 21 city vehicles were damaged by fire or slashed tires.

I’m trying to give examples of two groups of people on opposite extremes of the political left and right. The right extremists are denounced by the media, as they should be in my opinion, and shunned by businesses and have their freedom of speech suspended by the likes of Twitter.

The left extremists are mostly treated as heroes of the left movement. They have them on film destroying city property, yet they are ignored by police in these left-leaning college towns. Very few hate-filled leftist viewpoints, if any, have their Twitter accounts suspended.

Our country is being divided by the major news outlets bias. We have always depended on being able to turn on the evening news and get a non-partisan take on what is happening in our world. What has happened? Where is the integrity that was once a badge proudly worn by reporters?

Tim Simmons