Neighbor dealing with cat problem

I recently went to a city meeting about the cat problem that my neighbors and I have been dealing with for several years.

I want to make it perfectly clear that these cats we are dealing with are pets of our neighbors. They call themselves responsible pet owners.

If they were responsible pet owners, they would keep these cats inside their homes and not roaming on our property.

I cannot garden because the garden is being used as a litter box. I cannot sit on my porch because of the smell of their spraying and using my porch furniture as their beds. They climb on our cars and some of our roofs.

These cats are someone’s pets.

I also want to warn these city officials that if these cats have a disease and bite someone, the city will be sued because they will not address the problem.

In years past, if these cats were caught and sent to the pound, they would have been destroyed and not turned back out on the streets to make our lives miserable.

I feel that if we had a mayor and city council that had any guts they would stand up and do something about these cats and their owners.

I feel they will not do anything because they do not want to hurt these cat owners’ feelings.

These pet cats are infringing on our right to enjoy our property.

If you want cats, keep them inside your house because we do not want to see or smell them around our homes or property.

Lorna Semmler