Times have changed

During Hoppy Kercheval’s call-in segment of his radio show on July 20, there was a man who called in complaining about “Conservative Christians” telling everyone what to do. Obviously, this man slept through Obama’s eight-year presidency. For eight years, we were forced to pay for lousy healthcare we didn’t want or purchase substandard appliances micromanaged by Obama’s EPA.

I don’t know if this man is too young to remember what America was like 40 years ago, or just too stupid to realize what President Trump’s trying to do. I believe we can all agree this country’s in one hell of a mess, but it’s largely due to liberal policies and mandates aimed at those who refuse to comply with the left’s immoral policies. I’d like to point out a few things we didn’t have under a conservative, Christian government.

We didn’t have school shootings or mass murders in our churches. We didn’t have homosexuals protesting in the streets, or Christian business owners fined because they refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple. We didn’t have gender confusion, or 8-year-old cross-dressing boys parading around on social media and YouTube.

There were no paid rioters murdering innocent people, or left-wing thugs executing police officers. We didn’t have representatives like Maxine Waters advocating violence against a sitting president, or homosexual studies in our public schools, or educators teaching socialism to our children. We didn’t have assisted suicides or millions of children murdered in abortion clinics. Human life actually meant something in those days.

There were no sanctuary cities, safe spaces or liberal strongholds like San Francisco, New York or LA. We didn’t ban plastic straws, utensils, or oversized drinks, and we damned sure didn’t have mealy-mouthed, insignificant mayors challenging the President of the United States. There were no flag burnings or kneeling during the National Anthem or the division of wealth.

But most of all, we didn’t have millions of idiotic liberals running around demanding free everything. We didn’t have any of that or a hundred other things we have today that hurt our country. If you like living in a liberal sewer, by all means, vote Democrat this fall. They’ll see that you get it. If lower taxes, a strong economy, low unemployment, better wages, sensible government and secure borders mean something to you, vote Republican. It’s that simple.

R.L. Brooks