Comparing McCain to the president

I was just thinking about cults. How people can be brainwashed to join and believe someone like Jim Jones and Charles Manson. But yet today we have a president running his own cult.

It doesn’t matter what he says, his 37 percent of his cult sticks with him. He can talk about how he has disrespected women, talking about grabbing them by you know what, walking in on Miss USA women dressing, paying off porn and Playboy stars, putting down Mexicans as rapist and murders, putting down a gold star family because they are Muslims, putting down John McCain because he was a prisoner of war who was shot down in Vietnam serving his country, which Trump refused to do.

I want to give my respect to a great man, Senator McCain, who in my eyes was a war hero. A Republican who would work with the other side to better our country. This is something we don’t see today.

I recall when he was running for president against Obama and a woman came up to him calling Obama a Muslim and wasn’t a U.S. citizen, and McCain told her she was wrong. Even though I didn’t always agree with him I did respect him.

As for Mueller’s “witch hunt,” he is finding witch after witch in Trump’s office who are turning on Trump and this is just the begging of the end of the Trump cult.

Lloyd Price