Are you next?

Who’s next? Christians, Jews, Muslims, conservatives, libertarians, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, LGBTQ, rich, poor, middle class or anyone who voted for President Donald Trump. I should also toss in the never Trumpers and those who have walked away from the howling Democrat Party.

The left has gone after Trump. So far, they’ve failed. But they’ll keep trying. It doesn’t matter that the real corruption and collusion was in the Clinton/Democrat campaign, nor does it matter that our government lied to get FISA spy warrants; and that operatives have been exposed within our government, trying to undermine the administration of a duly elected president. Trump opposes the left’s agenda, so he’s got to go. You’re next!

They went after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Without success; however, they won’t quit. It doesn’t matter that this man was investigated by the FBI. Nor does it matter that every single purported witness denies the accusations. Kavanaugh is a conservative, and his presence on SCOTUS threatens the left’s agenda, he must be destroyed. You’re next.

Those who voted for Trump are the real problem. The left wants to get rid of the Electoral College that gives a voice to smaller, less populated, rural states and offsets the Democrat strongholds of Illinois, New York and California. The Electoral College is a threat to the left’s agenda. So it has to go. You’re next!

When young men are accused of sexual assault on college campuses, they are routinely deprived of due process, like the presumption of innocence, the right to counsel and the right to confront their accusers. Being told these basic protections are just a part of toxic masculinity that contributes to a rape culture on campuses. Due process has to go. You’re next!

Are you getting the picture yet? It isn’t just the impeachment of President Trump that’s at stake in November. It isn’t even just the possible future impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh, or the next bloody battle for the composition of the Supreme Court which may be all that stands between us and those who would chisel away our rights piece by piece.

It is every religious belief, every institution, every aspect of the United States Constitution, every federal and state law, every principle and practice and policy that stands in the way of the left getting what they want. You’re next!

Today’s leftists won’t play by the rules, because that doesn’t guarantee they’ll win. So the rules have to go.

This November, show up and vote like your lives and liberties depend upon it.

Because they do. You’re next!

Robert Ware

French Creek